Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Campaign begins in 12 days

Well the arms race has began as people shuffle to get more figures painted and on the table for the spring grand campaign, initial orders and the maps will be handed out on the 20th of April, Initial war council will then be possible between the commanders if they are present otherwise all correspondance will need to be posted to me.

Before then I need commanders names and army lists, so I can send them off so the Horse Gaurds, the Junta commanders and old Boney himself can set the goals and the orders for the campaign.

I plan to have the opening moves and tabletop battles to occour on Sunday so be prepared, using either In the Grand Manner or General De Brigade rulesets.

So get ready all those in cyber land prepare for some fantastic pictures from our campaign and battles.

To get the most from this campaign, I recommend we adopt the spirit and elan of the Napoleonic period.

Huzzar , and forward to Glory.....................................................perhaps!



MurdocK said...

Interesting, how many players?

How has the game progressed?

MurdocK said...

So, has there been any progress to report?