Monday, October 12, 2009

3 weeks to go!

Only three weeks till the event, plenty of interest this year which is great, We were hoping for more interest in the lectures, but as this was low we have cancelled them for this event, also we will be holding the event yearly from now on, however we may change the date to earlier n the year.

Demo and participation games that are scheduled this year are:-
Tallavera (July 27–28, 1809) (16ft table)
28mm French German states Vs British, Spainish
ITGM or General De Brigade (6 brigade generals still required )
so far
Matt GM
Greg B (British Sir Arthur Wellesley )
Grant A (French King Joseph Bonaparte )
Dean C (Spanish General Gregorio de la Cuesta)
Colin (British)
Adam (British)

Battle of Raszyn (April 1809)
28mm Polish, Saxon Vs Austrians (24ft table)
8 Brigade generals still req
Battles ancinet regieme or ITGM (8 brigade generals req) All minfigs played in the "Grand Way"!
GM< Matt
Bruce A (Polish Prince Józef Antoni Poniatowski)
Raoul P (Austrian Archduke Ferdinand Karl Joseph of Austria-Este)
Dave A
Matt V

Napoleonic Naval "Cape St Vincent" Trafalger rules
1/1200th naval action participation
Captians required!

(TBC) Sharpe’s Practice Spain
28mm Skirmish participation
Chris L

(TBA Battle ) Participation 15mm Naps battles 12Ft
players required
John P
Mark P

(TBC) French vs British
28mm 12ft Table
players required
Andrew P

(TBC) 40mm Skirmish

(TBC) 15mm Austrian uprising


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