Monday, November 23, 2009

Australian Napoleonic Congress 09 part 1

Pictures from the Goulburn Wargames clubs big game with hopefully some idea of what happened, We played for both days with a mighty amount of well painted lead on the table, The French and German Allied states (my Figs) held off the British (Gregs, Adams and Colins). As one of the other Napoleonic Games was cancelled we ended up with Infantry Brigade and Cavalry Brigade generals which made the game quite fast, lots of people who had never played Grand Manner were surprised by the vast Charging and movement distance of Light Cavalry, even the old hands were caught out (including the British C & C! and myself).

The British were on attack orders from the go and the French were on Hold, so lots of skirmisher fire was the start of things along with a little artillery to spice things up, On the right the British Gaurd Brigade supported by the KGL brigade went on the assault, almost completly destroyed the French First line, then run into withering fire from the second line (one French dice roll from a 48 fig btn rolled 2 D6s at close range, first fire managed to almost completly destroy the 2nd KGL)The gaurds traded fire with the opposites and amazingly managed to roll very low, then and were caught by French Dragoons and Lancers in the Flank in the next phase as they failed to form sqaure and see the Dragoons and Lancers forming up on the edge of the woods(somehow?), the Gaurds and KGL routed towards the British lines but managed to keep there colours.

In the centre the British Cavalry did manage to destroy one battery of French guns before falling Foul of the French Cavalry counter charge, eventually the British reserves in the middle managed to turn the tide and almost broke the middle French Brigades before the French reserve line arrived and stabilised things.

It the same story was on the right, the British First Assault was halted however things were looking bad as most of the french First line was destroyed and the reserves were becoming thinly spread. The Elite light Infantry done a lot of dmage to the British before falling foul to the British cavalry and Horse guns

The Second major British assault would of broke through, so a marginal British (Ahem) win was declared, a valient Effort by the French Commanders though. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

C in C French (John) and myself at the end of the table, this is the table at lunchtime on the first day, the French left is refused and the British Gaurds march into the trap, in the Centre the French Cavalry arrive and chase off the British lights, on the French Right they are threatened by British Dragoons and horse guns firing enfilade.

Pictures 09 congress part two

The Australian Napoleonic Congress this year ended up being a smaller affair then previous years, but with plenty of interstate and international visitors, our dinner ended up being one of our largest with 147 guests, only four Clubs attended with games, Goulburn (two games), Canberra Kriegspielers, Illawarra Irregulars, and Canberra games society. A great weekend was had by those who attended and we are looking forward to next year on the third weekend of October. Here are some pictures from the event