Monday, November 21, 2011

Australian Napoleonic Congress 2011 Pictures

Well what a great weekend, Saturday had four games playing, one naval and three land battles two in Spain and one in the America's. Saturday night a large number of us headed off to dinner at the Fireside Inn, a old English styled pub in the center of the city, then a few of us kicked on back at the Soldiers Club. Sunday again had three games, two in the America's and one game in Spain. Overall the participation games were of a high quality, the most noticeable missing Napoleonic scale was 15mm! The Marshals Baton painting competition (sponsored by War and Peace games, Thanks Ian)had a large number of entries especially in the 28mm command stand category. Enough of talking now for a selection of pictures taken by Colin, Greg B, and myself.


Willie Anderson said...

Epic set ups well done to all!!

Vinnie said...

Fantastic looking games Matty, I'm happy to hear my Spanish featured in many a battle.....wish I could have been there with them.

Joel said...

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