Monday, November 21, 2011

Australian Napoleonic Congress 2011 Pictures

Well what a great weekend, Saturday had four games playing, one naval and three land battles two in Spain and one in the America's. Saturday night a large number of us headed off to dinner at the Fireside Inn, a old English styled pub in the center of the city, then a few of us kicked on back at the Soldiers Club. Sunday again had three games, two in the America's and one game in Spain. Overall the participation games were of a high quality, the most noticeable missing Napoleonic scale was 15mm! The Marshals Baton painting competition (sponsored by War and Peace games, Thanks Ian)had a large number of entries especially in the 28mm command stand category. Enough of talking now for a selection of pictures taken by Colin, Greg B, and myself.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Marshals Baton painting competition

Baton Winning 28mm Diorama "Spanish Band" Nathan Vincent
Baton Winning 28mm Command stand  "French Marshals" Colin Craigie
Baton winning 28mm Unit Richard Tartt
Marshals Baton winning entry 15mm Diorama Colin Craigie
Marshals Baton winning Entry 15mm unit Colin Craigie
Marshals Baton Winning entry Large scale figure painter Unknown
Marshals Baton "Napoleon" Napoleon and Staff Chris Kendrick

Braille scale Wining entry 

And the other entries

Marshals Baton painting Competition
Sponsored by War and Peace games
Australian Napoleonic Congress 
19th 20th November 2011

Large Figure or bust (54mm or above)
28mm Command (one or more figures on a command or display base)
15mm command (one or more figures on a command or display base)
28mm diorama any theme (more than four figures)
15mm diorama any theme (more than four figures)
28mm Army (three or more units)
15mm Army (three or more units)
braille scale army (smaller than 15mm, three or more units or ships)
"Napoleon" Miniature, entry can be any scale, a individual, a command base or diorama, this entry may also be entered into the other classes.


2. JUDGING. Models will be judged for skill in construction, finish, realism, scope of effort, and accuracy. Additional criteria are considered for special categories such as dioramas and collections. Models are judged as three-dimensional objects and are examined in all aspects. Entries will be handled, by judges both for proper table placement and for judging, as required. Models in the Contest Room will be covered by glass display cases while on general public display. Judges will not remove cases from models unless the modeler has given explicit, written, approval in advance. The following is an exception to this rule. In instances where removal of a case could cause damage, and in the judgment of the respective Head Judge the case would not impede effective judging, the case may be left on for judging. This arrangement must be made prior to judging and noted in writing on the entry form by the Head Judge.
3.BASES/DIORAMAS. Bases will be allowed in all categories and will not be considered in the judging except in the Diorama classes. A base may be a piece of undecorated wood, plastic or glass or it may simulate the natural surface on which the representation would be found; however, nothing other than that surface may be used. Military vehicles may rest on simulated ground or paving, Ships may be displayed on a water effect base. The base must not be the predominant feature of the entry and must be of a size proportionate to the model. The model may include primary figures. The addition of any other figures or equipment outside or not attached to, the model (e.g., support equipment, or buildings) may make the model a Diorama, which must then be entered in the proper Diorama category. Dioramas are judged not only on the technical merit of their construction but also on the strength of the theme or story they present, so that if two dioramas were technically equal the one having the stronger theme or story would win.
4.JUDGES. A Chief Judge must be chosen and he must brief all judges before the contest judging. Only Judges fully registered at the Convention are eligible to join judging teams. Judges may not judge a category in which they are entered. Judging teams will be composed of multiple judges, preferably representing different scales. Strict impartiality will be observed, and violators will be removed from judges' lists for future Conventions. Any judges disqualified for cause may not assume any role related to the contest at future Conventions and may not be present in the room during the judging for any reason. This will include, but not be limited to, administrative, scoring, photographic and other support responsibilities. Judges will be provided with a special ribbon or other device to allow their easy identification during the convention. Specially designated judging teams will monitor the contest entries prior to judging to ensure models are in the proper categories for judging. They will also move models to accomplish the "splits" required in the larger categories.
5.ALL JUDGES' DECISIONS ARE FINAL. Contest registrars will help determine proper entry categories for models during registration, but final category placement is at the discretion of contest judges. Judges may split categories during final judging.
6 AWARDS. First, second, and third place awards will be given in each category. Individual contestants are eligible for only one award per category entered, i.e. no "sweeps."
7. No liability for loss or damage to contest entries is assumed by Goulburn Valiant Stormer's, the convention location, or the contest judges.