Thursday, February 23, 2012

Black Brunswickers!

At the February club meet Boyd and myself decided to have a game of Napoleonics instead of ACW as planned.

Boyd has recently finished his Black Brunswick 1815 army, based on the orbat for Quatre Bras, his figures are a mix of Elite and Perry. We decided just to set up and play a easy General de Brigade game with mirror forces, so Boyd could get home in time for a party.

My French Infantry brigade failed on the day and fell back in disorder, although the cavalry had a win!

Some pics from the game
Boyd's right flank his hussar and lancer regt
Boyd's center
Boyd's Right his guns

The French advance



Willie Anderson said...


Does Boyd mix the Elite and Perrys in the same unit? interested to see a close up if this is the case.



Bluewillow said...

no, the perry minis are the Avant garde and light Inf, and high command only.


Bec Vinson said...

Great stuff Matty good to see some nicely painted Elites on the table

rct75001 said...

Love the Brunswickers as an army. Would have been good to see with both srmies on the field


Frostydog said...

Still have my old Brunswickers in Minifigs!