Monday, July 16, 2012

For Sale Napoleonic Penninsular British 1809-10

Need to move them on, 28mm Front Rank British Army 1809-1810, painted to a very nice standard, based for GDB or ITGM but would work for black powder also, each btn has thirty three figs, four skirmishers and two wounded and dead markers, GMB flags looking for $1800 AUS ono

Army Command

Brigade commanders

1 battery of artillery

95th Rifles


6 btns of Infantry

contact me if you are interested at ausnapoleoniccongress at hotmil dot com



paulalba said...

Really lovely figures!

DeanM said...

Wow, I missed this post earlier - fantastic figures and terrain. Best, Dean

Schrumpfkopf said...

I echo what the others said. brilliant figurines. Also - I don't mind the wide frontage (which I usually do) with miniatures that are as animated as those British.

Phil said...

Fantastic figures, terrain and photos! Presentation is really excellent, I'll come back!

Galpy said...

wow really nice painting the look fantastic


ohh my god!! fantastic figures and houses!!

welcome to Napoleonic Spain friends!