Thursday, February 23, 2012

Black Brunswickers!

At the February club meet Boyd and myself decided to have a game of Napoleonics instead of ACW as planned.

Boyd has recently finished his Black Brunswick 1815 army, based on the orbat for Quatre Bras, his figures are a mix of Elite and Perry. We decided just to set up and play a easy General de Brigade game with mirror forces, so Boyd could get home in time for a party.

My French Infantry brigade failed on the day and fell back in disorder, although the cavalry had a win!

Some pics from the game
Boyd's right flank his hussar and lancer regt
Boyd's center
Boyd's Right his guns

The French advance


Monday, February 6, 2012

Borodino 2012

Well the plans  are well underway of the Goulburn valiant Stormer's Epic 1/20 scale clash of Borodino (Ok some of the battle!) 

As our Napoleonic Congress focus event this year, we have set aside September 15th and 16th 2012 at the Goulburn Soldiers Club, NSW Australia. We are seeking all Napoleonic Gamer's to come on down, up, or sideways too visit us for this grand event.

We will be playing using either Grand Manner or General de Brigade at 1/20 scale, That is why we will concentrate only on a small but crucial parts of the battlefeild,; the Grand Redoubt area and the cavalry clashes nearby. 

The French Infantry are well in hand with two Perry Corps and one Elite corps, and the same for the Cavalry. But we are seeking more Wurtemburgers, Saxons, Poles, Prussians and of course Russians so if anybody has some 28mm 1812 Russians drop me a line and I am sure we could fit you in! The more troops we have the more tables we could run, I envisage multiple tables running instead of one large table as some groups will play faster than others.

I will be posting the Orbats shortly and highlighting units that need to be fulfilled for the game, I am also planning a anniversary trophy based on one of the monuments  for those who attend!

Purchasing plans
I plan to purchase Eurekas New Saxon Garde du Corps and Cuirassier and have them on the table in two units of around 24 figs each! I also need to get a few more Polish Lancers!

LA MOSCOWA: The Battel of Borodino, Russia 1812

I am also excited that Warlord have the Russian plastics out, I have already bought a few boxes so I guess I will have another Napoleonic army some time in the near future!