Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Orders of battle Borodino

200th anniversary of Borodino 1812 to 2012

At the Goulburn valiant Stormer's we are replaying surrounds of the Great Redoubt at Borodino, we will be using General de brigade rules and trying to finish within two days of gaming!

Game is on the 15th and 16th of September 2012
10am till 4pm each day
Goulburn Soldiers Club
Cnr Market and Sloane street

The Russian Infantry has been battered for much of the day by French Artillery deployed to their front and enfilading their position  from the south. Nevertheless, they occupied a strong defensive position on undulating ground. Also, the last Russian reserve, two small cavalry corps, was deployed to reinforce the tenacious but exhausted infantry.  An episode of “Napoleonic” proportions is about to begin.

French order of Battle
Eugene 4th Corps ;  ADC Triaire, Count de Gisslenga
1st Division General Charles Morand + 1; ADC Gen Lanabere
Gen Brigade Col d’Argence (middle skirmish screen)
13th Legere 1 x 24 Veterans

Gen Brigade  Gratien (middle lead brigade)
17th Ligne 2 x 32 Line

Gen Brigade Bonnamy (middle depth brigade)
30th ligne 2 x 32 Veteran

1 battery of 6 pdrs Line

3rd Division Maurice Gerard  + 1;  ADC de Rumigny

Brigade Leclerc des  Essarts (right flank skirmish screen)
7th Legere 1 x 24 Line

Desailly’s Brigade (right flank lead brigade)
12th Ligne 2 x 36 line

Col Teulle (right flank lead brigade)
21st ligne 2 2 x 32 line

14th Division Broussier;  ADC St Louis
 de Sivray Brigade (left flank lead brigade)
18th Legere 1 x 24 line (skirmish screen)
9th Ligne 2 x 32 line vet

Almeras’ Brigade (left flank depth brigade)
53rd  ligne btn 2 x 48 line
35th Ligne 2 x 36 line
Joseph Napoleon 1st Regt 24 figs conscript

8pdr battery 4 guns Line

Corps Artillery Maj General Pernetty
2 batteries 12pdr foot 8  guns
Arrives turn 4 center of table right flank of the redoubt
II Cavalry corps C and C Montbrun  + ; 1 ADC Caulaincourt
Division  Watier de St Alhonse ; ADC Dupont d’Herval
Brigader Beaumont ( centre  lead left brigade)
5th cuirassiers 16  figs veteran

Brigader Dorne ( centre right lead brigade)
8th Cuirassier 16 figs Veteran

Brigadier  Richter (centre right depth)
10th Cuirassiers 24 figs Line
2nd Chevau leger 12 figs Veteran’s

Arrive turn 5
Division DeFrance’s  + 1 ADC De Varaigne

Brigadier Paulte de La Motte  (  left brigade)
1st carabiniers  24 figs Elite

Brigadier Chouard (Right Brigade)
2nd Carabiniers 24 figs Elite

Arrive turn 6 (centre support)
Division General Claude Pajol + ADC Nicolas

Brigadier Burthe
5th Hussars 18 figs line
9th Hussars 24 figs line

Brigadier St Genie
11th Chasseurs 12 figs vet
12th Chasseurs 12 figs line

Brig Subervie
1st Prussian lancers 6 figs
10th Polish Hussars 6 figs

Arrive turn 4 far right flank
4th Cavalry Corps Latour- Maubourg + 1; ADC Gen de Nadaillac

Brigader Lorge
Zastrow Cuirassiers 16 figs Elite
SAXON Garde Du Corps 12 figs Elite
Polish 14th Cuirassier 16 figs Elite

Turn 5 far right flank
Briage Lepel
1st Westphalian Cuirassiers 16 figs Line
2nd Westpahalian Cuirassiers 24 figs Line

1 x 6pdr horse battery 3 guns Line

turn 6 right flank
III cavalry Corps Emmanuel Grouchy  + 1; ADCs Carbonel, Roge

General De Division Chastel; ADC de Lacroix

Brigadier Gerard
6th Chasseurs 18 figs Vet
25th Chasseurs 18 figs Vet

Brigadier Gauthrin
6th hussars 18 figs vet
8th chasseurs 18 figs vet
1 battery of 6pdr horse guns

Russian Order of Battle
Rayyevski 7th Corps
Redoubt artillery Maj Gen Kutaisov
12pdrs position battery 8 guns Veteran

26th Division Gen Ivan Paskievitch; ADC (Defending the redoubt)
1st Brigade  Lt.Col. Nikolay Kadyshev
Ladoga 24 figs line
Poltava 24 figs line
2nd Brigade Colonel Yeremei  Savoini
Nigegorod 24 figs line
Orel 24 figs line
Brigadier Colonel Fedor Gogel I.
5th jager 24 figs vet
42nd jager 24 figs line

12th Division MG Illarion Vasilchikov I (left flank of the redoubt)
1st Brigade Lt.Col. Andrey Bogdanovsky
Smolensk 24 figs line
Narva 24 figs line
2nd Brigade Colonel Karl Friedrich Pantzerbiter
Ingermannland 24 figs 2nd line
Alexpol 24 figs veteran
Brigadier Colonel Andrey Glebov (deployed in the valley)
6th Jager 24 figs line
19th jager 24 figs line
40th jager 24 figs 2nd line

1 bty of 6pdrs 3 guns
Akhtyrsk Hussars 24 figs

6th Corps Dokhtorov ; ADC Libau In depth
24th Division MG Peter Likhachev I; ADC (in Support of the great redoubt on the hill behind)
1st brigade MG Ivan Tsybulsky 
Oufa Regt 24 figs line
Chirwan 24 figs line
2nd Brigade Colonel Peter Denisyev
Tomsk 24 figs line
Butirki 24 figs line
3rd Brigade Colonel Nikolay Vuich
19th Jager 24 figs line
40th Jager 24 figs line

7th Division LG of Artillery Peter Kaptsevich; ADC (In support left flank on ridge)
1st Bigade Colonel Dmitry Lyapunov IV
Moscow 24 figs 2nd line
Pskov 24 figs line
2nd Brigade Colonel Aleksey Aigustov
Libau 24 figs line
Sofia 24 figs line
3rd Brigade  Lt.Col. Nikanor Kashirinov
11th jager 24 figs vet
36th jager 18 figs line

1 battery 6pdrs 3 guns

3rd cavalry corps Pahlen + ADC off table arrive turn 7 right flank
1st Brigade: MG Stepan Dyatkov
Courland DR (4 squadrons): Colonel Sergey Ushakov 24 figs line
Orenburg DR (4 squadrons): Lt.Col. Fedor Zonnenbach. 24 figs line
2nd Brigade: Colonel Baron Cyprian Creitz .
Irkutsk DR (4 squadrons): Lt.Col. Anton Yuzhakov. 24 figs line
Siberia DR (4 squadrons): Colonel Cyprian Creitz . 24 figs line
3rd Brigade: MG Ivan Dorokhov
Mariupol HR (8 squadrons): Colonel Prince Ivan Vadbolsky 24 figs line
Sumsk HR (8 squadrons): Colonel David Delyanov 48 figs line

1st cavalry corps Lt Gen Fedor Ouvarov  + ADC (off table arrive turn 8 left flank)
1st Brigade: MG Anton Chalikov
Life Guard Dragoon Regiment (4 squadrons): Colonel Peter Chicherin II 24 figs Gaurd
Life Guard Uhlan Regiment (3 squadrons): Colonel Mikhail Mezentsev II. 24 figs Gaurd
2nd Brigade: MG Vasily Orlov-Denisov
Life Guard Hussar Regiment (4 squadrons): Colonel Nikolay Mandryka. 18 figs Gaurd
Life Guard Cossack Regiment (4 squadrons): MG Vasily Orlov-Denisov 18 figs Gaurd
Black Sea Guard Cossack Sotnya: Cossack Host Colonel Afanasii Bursak II. 24 figs Gaurd
3rd Brigade: MG Aleksey Vsevolozhsky I
Elisavetgrad HR (8 squadrons): Colonel Gerasim Shostakov 24 figs elite
Nezhinsk DR (4 squadrons): Colonel Peter Zagryazhsky. 16 figs line

5th Corps (arrive left flank turn 10)
Guard Infantry Division: LG Nikolay Lavrov
1st Brigade: MG Baron Grigory,  ADC Colonel Matvey Khrapovitsky,
Life Guard Preobrazhensk Regiment: Colonel Boris Poluektov 32 figs gaurd
Life Guard Semeyonovsk Regiment : Colonel Fedor Posnikov 32 figs gaurd
2nd Brigade: Rosen I
Life Guard Izmailovsk Regiment : Colonel Ivan Kozlyaninov 32 figs gaurd
Life Guard Lithuanian Regiment : Colonel and Flügel Adjutant Ivan Udom I 32 figs gaurd
3rd Brigade: Colonel Karl Bistrom I.
Life Guard Jager Regiment : Colonel Karl Bistrom I. 32 figs gaurd
Life Guard Finland Regiment : Colonel Maxim Kryzhanovski. 32 figs gaurd

Guard cavalry (arrive left flank turn 10)
1st Cuirassier Division: MG Nikolay Borozdin II
1st Brigade: MG Ivan Shevich.
Chevalier Guard Regiment (4 squadrons): Colonel Karl Levenwolde  24 figs guard
Life Guard Horse Regiment (4 squadrons): Colonel Mikhail Arsenyev  24 figs guard
2nd Brigade: MG Nikolay Borozdin II
Kings Leib-Cuirassier Regiment (4 squadrons): Colonel Karl Ludwig Budberg  24 figs guard
Queens  Leib-Cuirassier Regiment (4 squadrons): Colonel Baron Alexander Rosen II 24 figs guard
Astrakhan Cuirassier: Colonel Vasily Karatayev 24 figs elite